Hire a pilot as a consultant


  1. Buy a minimum of 1 hr consultancy.
  2. You will be contacted by one of our pilots for a free 15 min introduction call. This is for you and the pilot to get a feel for each other and for you to describe the task you want us to help you with. This is also your free chance to asses if this is going to work. We offer a full refund if you decide not to go further.

Our standard charge is 100 EUR/ Hr for consultancy services, but from time to time we are able to offer fixed prices for a particular job or be able to take pro bono cases.


We are happy to assist both individuals, companies and government with consultancy services.

We participate in TV- or radio-interviews free of charge – and have a dedicated NEWS Line +45 5352 7700 (option 5).

Consultancy examples of how our pilots have been involved:


  • Coaching about all aspects of becoming a pilot
  • Organising a (surprise) private flight for a child with terminal cancer
  • Lotte and Søren Hammer – assistance to write a book
  • Sigurd Barrett – assistance to write a novel
  • Modular pilot – mediator at disagreement with flying school
  • Private plane owner – aeroplane buying advice
  • Peer support to pilots- professional guidance


  • Multiple TV and radio interviews aviation related
  • Consultants on a movie set – ensuring scene was aviation realistic
  • Startup of new airline – AOC and manual writing support
  • Pilot recruitment support – either as a non biased partner or in charge of your recruitment
  • Ferry flight support – finding pilots


  • Supporting the Danish Ministry of Education – with non-biased information about becoming a pilot
  • Part of a study group to advice Hans Christian Schmidt (at that time Danish Minister of Transport) on Aviation
  • Job-centers, courses and coaching that helps un-employed pilots get a job



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