CPL after your PPL. Can you complete a CPL 4 years after you have taken a PPL?

  • Yes, it will be possible to take a CPL after your PPL. And the 4-year gap does not present a problem. The hours you have logged under your PPL will not expire. For your license (this applies to all types) to be valid, you must hold a valid medical.

For those not familiar with the terms.

  • CPL stands for Commercial Pilot Licence
  • PPL for Private Pilot Licence.

What happens if I fall out of recency?

If you fall out of recency for your PPL or if you fail to renew your PPL, it will still not impact the flying hours you have logged. They are still yours and could be used towards your CPL plans.

What are the requirements for a CPL?

We have included a link here for the EASA requirements for a CPL 
To highlight some of them, then the EASA rules state that you have to:
  • Have 150 flying hours before you can start a CPL.
  • Be 18 years old to get issued a CPL
The modular training route is based on getting a PPL as the first step. The modular training route is interestingly a piece of advice recently given by the UK pilot union BALPA. See our video about the topic here – Pilot Union – Don’t become a pilot

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