Can I become a pilot with 20/40 near vision?


Can I become a pilot with 20/40 near vision?

In order to become a commercial pilot you need to be able to obtain a class one medical. To become a private pilot the requirements are a little less restrictive and the medical requirements are called a class two medical.

Based on the information of having 20/40 near vision, it is likely you can still become a commercial pilot but the best thing to do, in our view, would be to consult an eye optician as there are other visual requirements too.

The class one requirements needed to become a commercial pilot are very precise and comprehensive. They can be found here. You can take these requirements to your eye optician and go through them together.

Class one medical

The first time you complete a class one medical the check is extra thorough. It is called “initial class one medical”. In most cases you need to pay for this check out of your own pocket and until you are employed as a pilot, you can expect to pay for the renewals too. That is why there is little point in completing this check if there are years to you commencing your pilot training.

A good tip is that figure out where you want to complete your pilot training, before you pay for your initial class one or two medical. This is because the rules are such that the country that will issue your licence will need to also hold your medical results. While transferring data from one country to another is possible, it is sometimes associated with waiting time and fees to do this.

How do I become a pilot?

There are many different ways of becoming a pilot and before you make any decisions it can be really good to do some research. Feel free to browse around here on the website and also feel free to ask us your questions.

To make it ease we have written a book to help you. Have a look here, reading this book can save you for a lot of time and maybe also a lot of money.

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