What kind of interests and abilities do you need to become a pilot?


There are no right or wrong answers to what abilities you need to become a pilot.

You do not need to have any particular interests to become a pilot. In connection with becoming a pilot you need to go through a lot of theoretical material and maybe that part will become a little bit easier if you are interested in Aviation and you have some basic math, English and physic skills. Sometimes the job as a pilot can be challenging and you are likely to be a lot away away from your loved ones. Maybe if you have a passion for flying that would help you to justify all the sacrifice you will need to make. So maybe a general interest in flying will be helpful.

In regards to abilities then being a good pilot is more than just being good at math, physics and English. While you can become a pilot if you are academic it may not be that you are good at being an airline captain in charge of a big crew one day. Leadership skills and people skills will help you to become well liked as a colleague and part of the journey to become a great pilot is via making mistakes and learning from them.

It is often about being really humble towards flying, always trying your best to avoid errors and trying to learn from others. Over-confidence and arrogance can hinder your way to becoming a great (well liked) pilot.

The perception that some have of pilots is that you need to be a superhero to be a pilot. That is not true. Pilots do have general sound health but nothing out of the extraordinary. Nor do we (pilots) possess professor level academic skills.

For most pilots their career started with a childhood dream of flying and maybe we (pilots) never grew old enough to stop dreaming.

If you want to become a pilot our advice is however to do a lot of research about what the industry has to offer. Maybe a good place to start would be to read this book we have created for future pilots. It is written by pilots to pilots. It does not get much more personal than that. A book that will help you.

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