Book: How do I become a pilot?


It is a book written by pilots to people who want to become a pilot.

It is information that pilots would like you to have, before you make the decision to become a pilot and invest a lot of money into your expensive training.

Get information about:

  • The industry
  • Working patterns
  • Salary
  • What to do next when you have decided to become a pilot
  • Military pilot
  • Pilot medical
  • Financing your training
  • Cadet schemes and state supported schools
  • How to pick a flying school


How do I become a pilot? That is a question many have and don’t know where to start. These tips and advice from pilots have been gathered in one book to get you started with your dream. But what it is like to be a pilot? Most people imagine being a pilot involves visiting different countries around the world while being paid a very competitive salary. With these expectations it is no wonder that being a pilot is one of the most sought-after professions.

Going to a flying school asking for guidance about becoming a pilot can be compared to asking an estate agent if you should buy a house.

In this booklet pilots working in different areas of the industry explain how they experience the industry. “What is it like to be a pilot told by a pilot”.

  • It is not about scaring you from becoming a pilot. It is about preparing you to become a pilot.

At the end of booklet, you will find a step by step checklist. This is designed to help you figure out each step of the journey on your way to becoming a pilot and help to choose your flying school.

Whatever you decide, remember that there’s often over 100 000€ on the table on your road to becoming a pilot. So take your time to figure out if pilot life is for you.


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