Fear of flying – Group course at your work place (Denmark only)


Course duration – up to 4 hours

Recommended max group size of 20

Topics covered:

  • Why we have fear of flying
  • Quick tips to making fear of flying manageable
  • Answers to fear of flying questions
  • Introduction to mental training to overcome your fear of flying


No course is the same as we tailor the content to the people and workplace.

The course is delivered by using a high degree of involvement of the audience, with many practical exercises and dialogue.

As part of the course you will also get our fear of flying package. Individuals who already have the package will receive a credit voucher towards future sessions.

This is how it works.

  1. Purchase the group course.
  2. You will be contacted by one of our pilots or mental trainer. This is for you and the pilot or mental training to agree on the course contents. If you decide not to go further, either because of date availability or contents of the course. We offer a full refund.

NOTE: In addition to the price, we charge millage and if relevant hotel accommodation. These are agreed beforehand but charged separately.


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