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How to take control of your fear of flying. These three books will help you take back control of your fear. Quick tips book will give you tips that can be used immediately if you only have one day before your flight. Mental training will give you tools to take control of your fear and is the most important part of the trio but requires little bit more time to master. Technical information will answer all the common questions that we get about aviation, planes and flying.


  • Book 1: Quick tips
  • Book 2: Mental training
  • Book 3: Technical information about aviation
  • Audio files: Relaxation exercises

Testimony from Michelle

Our youtube videos about fear of flying and our products: Fear of flying – Why do we have it?


How to go from flying with anxiety and fear to flying withtout a fear. Fear of flying is more common than you might think, as it is rarely talked about. People feel ashamed that they have fear of flying. We’re telling you that you are quite normal and we’re are also telling you that you can take control over your fear. This Fear of flying – package has been designed to people with various degrees of fear of flying. Some might just need the Quick tips – book, others might need all three of them and possible also professional help.

Book 1: Quick tips

This book will give you instant tips that can be used immediately. It can make the flight experience more manageable but the tips doesn’t remove the fear. The idea of the tips, is to make your brain work with you and not against you.

Book 2: Mental training

This book is the most important book of them all. This book is full of information about how fear works and how to take control of your fear. There are exercises for your mind to gain control over your fear. As with building muscles, you need to exercise the brain regularly to see results. Don’t give up and be positive!

Book 3: Technical information about aviation

This book is full of information about aviation. It will tell you everything from how planes fly to why we experience turbulence. We have gathered our answers to all of the most commonly asked questions. If you worry easily, it might not be a book for you.

3 reviews for Fear of flying – DIY package

  1. 5 out of 5


    I had a really bad flying experience and that is where it started. My thoughts circled around the upcoming flight and it made the anxiety worse. It also generated a lot of questions. I tried to google fear of flying and that is how I found Spoerg Piloten (edit Danish version of Ask A Pilot). I quickly got an answer to my questions and it helped me a lot to do something actively instead of letting the fear grow. I invested in the package with relaxation exercises and mental training. I did not really expect the package and 14 days to be enough to regain control over my fear of flying but it was. I was actually able to look forward to the flight and I avoided the sleepless nights leading up to my vacation.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Sorry for the late review but daily life and school took over again. My trip home went really well. I am still not a big fan when it starts to bounce but I now no longer hold the armrest convulsively or think that the plane is about to crash 😊😊
    I can also feel how my curiosity and joy of travelling has returned – it was the same feeling I had, when I was 19 and I had my 6 months around the world trip and having that feeling once again is something I am really happy for. In fact I am so happy that my boyfriend and I are talking about doing an around the world trip together 😊
    So once again thank you so much for your help. I hope that I one day can contribute and give something back as saying thank you seems not enough 😊

  3. 5 out of 5


    It shared my Turkey story with everyone and here is just a quick update from me in March 2020. I have just been flying with Norwegian a short trip Copenhagen to Aalborg. I travelled alone and it went really well. We did encounter some turbulence both ways but I was able to focus on positive things like all the time I was saving flying, how beautiful the light over Funen was and that I had trust in the staff who were professional. Lots of hugs Michelle

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