Fear of Flying – Individual coaching


Do you have fear of flying or you get anxious about flying?

We understand that group courses are not for everyone. With individual coaching we can get results even after one coaching session while protecting your privacy.

The coaching is based on re-programming your brain and teaching you to take control over your fear.

Read the story of Michelle who went through our coaching and is now in control of her fear and flying: Story of Michelle

If you’re unsure that individual coaching is for you, you can contact us for a free 15 minute consultation by email: contact@askapilot.net or by phone: +45 53527700


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You are welcome to contact us even with short notice. If we do not reply immediately, we are flying but we will get back to you as soon as possible so do not panic.

How it works:

  1. You will have a free 15 minute chat with an experienced pilot and mental coach. This is to determine if you could benefit from the coaching. If you feel like this is not for you, you are welcome to cancel the coaching and get a full refund. Or you can contact us before buying the coaching.
  2. Your coaching starts with a 1 hour session but we will make an estimate together on the day if it needs to be longer or shorter. Your coach will answer all of your questions about aviation and flying and give you an introduction to the tools. You can expect some “home work” before your next coaching.

Coaching sessions can be organised even with short notice for example if you have a flight in the coming days or if you need immediate help. If you do not have much time before your next flight you will not get the best results but we can make the flying manageable and continue the coaching afterwards.

We offer you support before your flight and you can reach us just with one call or text. If we know your flight details we can brief you if there is going to be expected turbulence or other weather related concerns.

As part of your session you will get our DIY Fear of Flying package. This consists of 3 E-Books and audio files. The audio files have been designed to help you through the flight when we ca not be there.

The Goal of the Individual Coaching is for you to:

  • Understand your fear
  • Stop the negative thinking
  • Take control of your fear
  • Get answers to your aviation related questions
  • Get back to flying



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