There has been stories about passengers landing big planes after the pilots become incapacitated. How about Cabin Crew? They already know quite a bit about flying, can they with no preparation take over from the pilots?

We must say we have cheated a little. Kukka (ex cabin crew) is in the process of getting her PPL so she has some knowledge about flying. This is however not rare and you will be surprised how many cabin crew actually have done some flying in small aeroplanes or who have flown simulators. After all, working in Aviation you have almost got to be a little nuts about planes.

Great fun to watch – “I like it hard 🤣”, this reminds us how good private flight simulators have become. Yoke and pedals makes it quite realistic. Maybe worth buying these days to stay sharp😎 How did she do in your view? Could you have flown it manually down to CAT1 minima in the monsoon?

Let’s see how it goes. Kukka starts getting a short briefing. Realism settings are set to realistic and Kukka decides herself that she would like a challenge.

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