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I have been a police officer for 14 years and I am 38 years old. I still dream about becoming a pilot and I have been in contact with a few flying schools. My biggest worry is if I am too old to become a pilot and all the predictions about the industry. All flying schools tend to be positive about the industry but maybe they are biased because they want me to sign up. I am aware that no one has a crystal ball but what is your advice. Shall I do it or not?
A Curious Visitor

We have great respect for peoples dreams and lets start with the question about age. Are you too old or not. The answer depends on what you would like to achieve with being a pilot. If you are hoping to become a captain in a legacy airline like British Airways then your chances are marginal. If flying for a living is what you want to do and it does not matter where you fly and what role you have, then your chances are a lot better. From a training point of view learning a new trade can alw...
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