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I have a dream of becoming a civil commercial pilot but I am not sure which way to go. Should I train abroad for example in the UK or should I train here in Denmark? In general I struggle with knowing where to begin. In 2 months time I turn 18 and I plan to start HHX education. When I complete my education I would like to start (becoming a pilot) as soon as possible but will finances become a problem?  Shall I plan to work after my HHX education and first save up for my pilot training (all of it) before I can start – or how does it work? Or should I apply to the airforce and sign a contract with them? That way I don’t need to worry about the finances? The most important thing for me is just knowing where to start. I hope you can make me a little wiser regarding where I should start because when you have got the will and interest to do it, everything is possible.
A Curious Visitor

Not knowing where to start is a classic and we would like to help and offer our advice and tips. We have broken down your questions in sub-questions.
  1. What should I do right now
  2. Training to become a civil pilot
  3. Financing of civil commercial pilot training
  4. Joining the armed forces
What should I do right now
  • Focus on your education. Complete ...
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